Top 7 key things that make your personal brand

Top 7 key things that make your personal brand

When you have the clarity on the top 7 key things that makes your personal brand, then you can develop your brand to live your life truthfully under any circumstances that come. And you can also achieve tremendous results by focusing on what you love doing. The starting block or first stepping stone to develop your personal brand is getting to know yourself better, being thoughtful what do you stand for, what is important to you, what you care about and what you love doing.

And here I will share with you the top 7 key things that make your personal brand:

  1. Your Special Talents – your talents, your special traits that help to differentiate you from others and be great at what you do. You are great at what you do when you develop your talents and apply them in the job that you love doing. Therefore first step in building your brand is to identify your talents that you were born with and developed during your life. It is best to develop them in accordance to your values.
  2. Your Values. What you believe and truly value is highly important in your life and work. Your values are evident in the way you do things. Two people with similar talents but different values are likely to develop different careers. Knowing your values can help you to decide how to apply your talents and build a fulfilling career or business.
  3. Your Purpose is linked to what you love doing and do very well. Your purpose is what you are here for on this planet. You define that. Your purpose arises from your talents and values. The purpose is like a horizon – you are aiming to get there, but you will never reach it fully. Sense of purpose is a sense of direction. When your whole being seems to be in a resonanse with what you are doing, you are pursuing your purpose.
  4. Your Vision – when you are aware and have defined your purpose, create your vision to strive for. The vision is like a pathway that guides you in direction of realizing your purpose. It is a planned wise pathway that brings you to the future you have imagined.
  5. Your Mission determines how you are going towards your vision. Your mission describes how you want to live your life. And what you want to do. Once you are clear about your mission, your work will be more meaningful and satisfying.
  6. Your Behaviours – be thoughtful about what behaviours are you expressing to lead you towards your mission and purpose, achieving your goals. Think about what words are you choosing in your language to express your views and influence result. Your behaviours are like your personal brand advertisement messages, they tell people who you are and what value are you adding or can add.
  7. Your Authenticity. If you are true to your talents and values, you have clarity upon your vision and mission and express behaviours that enhances you, that makes you authentic. By being authentic you will naturally attract people – employers, customers and colleagues, who share some of your values and appreciate what you do best.

When you have thought through what makes your brand and what matters to you, when you have clarity of what are your talents, values, vision, purpose, mission, behaviours and how that all builds your authenticity, then it is the time. It is the time to focus on developing your brand in the direction that you want to develop it to achieve your goals. It is the time to position and communicate your brand via the channels and to the audiences that will appreciate your added value. It is the time to start enjoying the exciting opportunities that strong personal brand and relevant branding bring you.

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