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Inga Ezera

Inga Ezera

The author of The Success Planner, Inga Ezera, is a professionally-qualified, experienced and highly-esteemed expert in performance coaching, personal and leadership branding, and empowerment for success. Her passion is success coaching with a zest for assisting those who admire their achievements, value personal development and strive for higher. She is passionate about helping people to unlock their potential to succeed and does it with a strong sense of personal drive and energy.

Inga has over 20 years of human resources management expertise and experience of leading, managing and motivating both individuals and leadership teams to achieve high levels of success and greatly improve business performance in various countries and cultural contexts across the globe.

Inga’s personal motto is “Anything is possible for those who believe”. She has confidence in the opportunity to achieve what you want in life through passionfocus and impact. She empowers individuals via coaching for success.

Her educational background is in psychology and coaching. With her extensive experience of working with individuals and organizations worldwide, she has been successfully delivering coaching programmes reliant on a success mindset, discovering your passion and finding congruent ways to succeed in life and business across different cultures. This makes Inga a global authority. In The Success Planner she has collated useful tools and impactful strategies that have been rigorously tested and proven while applying and sharing the programme with her coaching clients to bring about success.

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